We’ve had more snow overnight and it’s back to looking pretty and white rather than muddy and slushy.

Took a few more photos of our new Oldies Club dog Jasper, who you can read more about further down this blog.

I’d quite like to get up now please Mum

Jasper bum

Our handsome old(er) man 🙂

Jasper handsome

Love him!

Jasper love him


It’s still very white around here and a tad slippery when away from the main road/pavements in the village. Beautiful out in the fields though. Some more photos from the last few days …

My very handsome older Lab, nearly 11 but doesn’t believe he’s a day over 11 months and that’s how we’d like things to stay thank you 🙂


A snow-clad gate which I thought was rather pretty …


This photo has made me smile LOTS since I downloaded it. Just what you need to cheer you up on a cold winter’s eve …


Looking rather stunning in the snowy sunshine:

M-M snow and sunshine

I think this tree always looks beautiful with the sun behind it, whatever the weather …

tree snow

And lastly but very gorgeously, a rather thoughtful pose from the collie 🙂

collie snow

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking?

Dogs in the Snow

If you’re in the UK, you’ll know all about the snow we have at the moment. I think it’s beautiful (when I’m not slipping over on it and landing on my behind!) but I know it’s making things really difficult for many people 😦

We do love the snow in this house though, partly because we were married in Canada 11 years ago today, when the country had LOTS and LOTS of snow (even for Canada I gather it was extreme!). We were married in the evening in a small ceremony with a few friends and as we left the venue it was dark with lots of snow falling. So beautiful. We went to an Irish pub for dinner and a few drinks (our wedding reception!) and the waitress very kindly bought us a pint each, our first drinks as a married couple 🙂

Anyway, enough of us, some photos of dogs in the snow, starting with Jasper, our newly adopted oldie:

Jasper snow

He has a lovely thick coat to help keep him warm. These photos were in our garden just before a walk as he has to stay on lead for the time being.

I really like this one 🙂

Jasper snow head

This photograph features my lovely husband, who rather adores Jasper and the feeling is mutual. Plus Jasper of course and our lovely collie, who apparently didn’t want to be photographed at this particular time LOL.

Jasper, Daddy, Sno

Good news for Jasper, he has found his forever home

… and I have a t-shirt to buy:


Yes, he is staying with us 🙂

Ange & Jasper

Welcome home Jasper!

Birthday Walk

Yesterday we went on a little group walk to celebrate a doggie birthday – as you do 😉 It was for my beautiful Minnie-Moo, my youngest rescue dog.

Our new Oldies Club foster dog, Jasper, came with us and enjoyed himself 🙂

MM Walk1

The birthday girl had great fun with her birthday ball!

MM Walk2

A number of adopted Oldies Club dogs joined us on the walk with their families ~ there’s the lovely Joe …

MM Walk6

The gorgeous Sid, a black Labrador Retriever, who survived about six weeks in the pound, was rescued by a true angel of an Oldies Club supporter and then battled pneumonia, before finding his forever home:

MM Walk7

and the fabulous Jess the collie who is rather attached to her tennis balls!

MM Walk8

Really fantastic to see four Oldies Club dogs out walking together 🙂

The Basset cunningly avoided rolling into the river (we’re not sure how!)

MM Walk3

This little Robin decided to join us as we stopped at the pub for coffee and chips 🙂

MM Walk4

and on the way back we met this lovely Cavalier who was clearly very adored 🙂

MM Walk5

A really wonderful way to spend a few hours with some lovely dogs and their very nice owners 🙂 More photos can be found HERE.


Jasper, our Oldies Club foster dog, is settling in well. He has been here for two days, since New Year’s Eve, after being saved from being put down.

He seems much more relaxed today than the day he arrived. I would say he is still missing someone, which is very sad :(, but he is far more settled and not pacing up and down as he was when he first arrived.

I am a Reiki (healing) practitioner so have been giving him lots of Reiki which is helping to relax and heal from recent events. I took these photos after a Reiki session today …

Jasper Reiki

Jasper Reiki2

and I just love this photo of all four paws 🙂

Jasper paws

He is also having various flower remedies to try to help him through this period of his life, which must be causing him considerable sadness.

Jasper is such a warm and friendly soul. Although it’s very “early days” he likes you to sit with him and have a snuggle. He’s a very good boy too, he waits to be let out in the garden to go to the loo and he’s been very well behaved inside the house.

The first few times I fed him, I asked him to sit before putting the bowl down (partly to see if he knew the word, which he did). Now when I hold his food bowl, he sits without being asked. Clever boy!

Please meet Jasper …

Jasper NYE

The day before New Year’s Eve, a volunteer for Oldies Club, a UK dog rescue charity which I fundraise for, received a call from a vet to ask if the charity would be able to help with a dog in desperate need.

The dog, a 12 year old GSD x collie sort of dog, had been taken into the vets to be put down 😦 The vets didn’t feel the dog should be pts and so phoned in the hope Oldies Club could help.

A foster home was found and the vets agreed to hold the dog until the next day so that our volunteer could collect him and meet up with the fosterer. Unfortunately sometimes things don’t go according to plan and the foster home’s car had problems which meant they could no longer travel to pick up the dog!

After checking with my dear husband (which seemed only polite since he would be doing the driving) we offered to step in and foster the dog on an emergency basis and travelled to meet our volunteer.

So the lovely chap came back with us yesterday, on New Year’s Eve. He was understandably having a very stressful time, taken from what he knew, spending the night at the vets and then travelling from Wales to Wiltshire! We introduced him to our own dogs and that all went very well, but he was finding it hard to settle, poor soul. The first night in particular he was definitely waiting and wanting to go home, he was pacing between our front and back doors, which was really rather sad to watch 😦

He wasn’t sure about lying on the dog beds, so we encouraged him to settle on them by patting them and letting him know it was ok for him to use them. He did manage to spend some decent time resting that evening – the photo abvoe is from his first evening here 🙂