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I light the stove in the sitting room each evening at this time of year. Aside from the heat it gives out, I love to see the light of the flames once the sun has gone for the day.

The dogs love to lie in front of the fire – with their thick coats they will get really close to the fire, often closer than my skin can tolerate. They look so warm and content. (Don’t worry, I am very protective of my dogs and they are safe.)

There’s not much more comforting than seeing an oldie resting in front of a warm fire at this time of year …

Jasper in front of the fire

The handsome Jasper has been with us just over two weeks now and has settled in so well. He’s a real treasure, a very special boy indeed 🙂


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It’s still very white around here and a tad slippery when away from the main road/pavements in the village. Beautiful out in the fields though. Some more photos from the last few days …

My very handsome older Lab, nearly 11 but doesn’t believe he’s a day over 11 months and that’s how we’d like things to stay thank you 🙂


A snow-clad gate which I thought was rather pretty …


This photo has made me smile LOTS since I downloaded it. Just what you need to cheer you up on a cold winter’s eve …


Looking rather stunning in the snowy sunshine:

M-M snow and sunshine

I think this tree always looks beautiful with the sun behind it, whatever the weather …

tree snow

And lastly but very gorgeously, a rather thoughtful pose from the collie 🙂

collie snow

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking?

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Today has been rather cold but we have had some wonderful blue skies and sunshine – far preferable to me than grey, wet and miserable!

I thought this was a beautiful sight …

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