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As I sat and snuggled earlier with Jasper, our new old dog, who had climbed onto one of the armchairs for a sleep, I thought what a privilege it is to bring an older animal into our homes, lives and hearts.

Oldies are just such special creatures. Jasper has been with us almost a month now, which really isn’t long at all for a dog that presumably spent the first 12 years of his life in the same home, or at least with the same owner. Yet he has settled in so well with us that it feels as though he has been here so much longer. He really has become part of the family and it melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I see him in a relaxing on his bed, lying in front of the fire, snuggled in an armchair, or indeed trotting along beside us on a walk. I had a doze on the sofa last weekend and woke up to see he’d climbed onto the armchair opposite and was snuggled asleep 🙂

I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten those that loved him before us and I bet he has lots of wonderful memories, but I am so glad for him that he has fitted right in here and seems happy and content. He likes to be with us – which is good because we like to be with him too 🙂

In celebration of this post for the oldies I wanted to share some photographs I have taken of other dogs adopted from Oldies Club. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting all the dogs Oldies Club has rehomed, but it’s been fantastic to meet those I have.

This is the lovely Jess, rehomed last year:


and this one sums Jess up I would say – I wonder if her mum and dad would agree?

Jess and ball

This is the very handsome Joe:


This is the lovely Sid – my heart always thuds a little faster when I see a black Labrador, I just love them! Poor Sid spent about 6 weeks in the pound before a rescue angel saved him – he then developed pneumonia, poor boy, but thankfully made it through, went into Oldies Club foster care … and stayed there, in the most wonderful forever home.


This is the very sweet Peggy, previously called Mattie.


In order to appreciate how Peggy staffie looks now, you really need to look at the before photographs but *warning* they are upsetting. Her foster home and new mum and dad have done wonders with her and in spite of what she has been through, she’s a lovely little girl.

Trixie is a little collie x JRT who was adopted by a lovely lady last year. I went to see Trixie in her new home to see how she had settled in and she is a very sweet girl.


Trixie and her mum came on the Oldies Club Winter Walkies which a friend organised in December and had a lovely time:

Trixie walk

Alice is a teeny terrier and another Oldies Club dog I visited in her new home, after adoption. She shares her home with a beautiful lurcher and a number of cats and she is a very sweet girl too.


Now I couldn’t post about oldies and leave out Jasper could I? So although you’ve seen it before, here is one of my favourite photos of him to date. He certainly knows how to work the camera!


It’s been a real privilege to meet these lovely oldies and I hope to meet more in the future 🙂 If anyone reading this is thinking of getting a dog, PLEASE consider adopting from rescue. Thousands of healthy dogs are put down each year in the UK because there are not enough good homes available for all the dogs waiting.


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It’s still very white around here and a tad slippery when away from the main road/pavements in the village. Beautiful out in the fields though. Some more photos from the last few days …

My very handsome older Lab, nearly 11 but doesn’t believe he’s a day over 11 months and that’s how we’d like things to stay thank you 🙂


A snow-clad gate which I thought was rather pretty …


This photo has made me smile LOTS since I downloaded it. Just what you need to cheer you up on a cold winter’s eve …


Looking rather stunning in the snowy sunshine:

M-M snow and sunshine

I think this tree always looks beautiful with the sun behind it, whatever the weather …

tree snow

And lastly but very gorgeously, a rather thoughtful pose from the collie 🙂

collie snow

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking?

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Yesterday we went on a little group walk to celebrate a doggie birthday – as you do 😉 It was for my beautiful Minnie-Moo, my youngest rescue dog.

Our new Oldies Club foster dog, Jasper, came with us and enjoyed himself 🙂

MM Walk1

The birthday girl had great fun with her birthday ball!

MM Walk2

A number of adopted Oldies Club dogs joined us on the walk with their families ~ there’s the lovely Joe …

MM Walk6

The gorgeous Sid, a black Labrador Retriever, who survived about six weeks in the pound, was rescued by a true angel of an Oldies Club supporter and then battled pneumonia, before finding his forever home:

MM Walk7

and the fabulous Jess the collie who is rather attached to her tennis balls!

MM Walk8

Really fantastic to see four Oldies Club dogs out walking together 🙂

The Basset cunningly avoided rolling into the river (we’re not sure how!)

MM Walk3

This little Robin decided to join us as we stopped at the pub for coffee and chips 🙂

MM Walk4

and on the way back we met this lovely Cavalier who was clearly very adored 🙂

MM Walk5

A really wonderful way to spend a few hours with some lovely dogs and their very nice owners 🙂 More photos can be found HERE.

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A rescue person on a forum I belong to posted this video and it’s now doing the rounds on facebook amongst rescue people/dog lovers. It has a happy ending but you will need tissues! You will need to click on the link below as I can not yet work out how to embed the video without it taking over the entire screen, sorry!


Seeing those poor dogs lined up in the kennels, not knowing whether they will still be alive come New Year, and knowing this happens all around the world, including in the UK, breaks my heart. It really, really does.

I hope the video will encourage others to get involved in rescue, to offer to foster, transport, homecheck, fundraise, do a sponsored-something-or-other and most importantly to make their next dog a rescue dog. When a dog in rescue finds a new home, a space is created for another dog – maybe one of those dogs waiting on “death row”.

I look at my own rescue dogs, snuggled up in front of the fire I’ve just lit for them, or laying together on the sofa, and am wishing SO HARD that every dog – indeed every animal and person – could be so fortunate.

I WISH every dog could be in a loving home, being adored, having fun …

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This photo rates as one of my absolute favourites. Taken on a beach (really?!) a few years ago. Lots of happy memories. The photo looks wonderful as a canvas print on my sitting room wall.

I also sell this photo as a large (A5) glossy greetings card, available from my online store at Folksy.

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I took this photo last year and decided it would make a cute greetings card – and it seems I was right as others seem to love the photo too 🙂 Not hard to see why, I did have a most beautiful subject.

I sell this photo as a large (A5) glossy greetings card, available from my online shop at Folksy.

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I took this photo today – and love it, dogs having a run through the long grass and a couple of butterflies caught in the shot 🙂

And more from the walk …

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