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A rescue person on a forum I belong to posted this video and it’s now doing the rounds on facebook amongst rescue people/dog lovers. It has a happy ending but you will need tissues! You will need to click on the link below as I can not yet work out how to embed the video without it taking over the entire screen, sorry!


Seeing those poor dogs lined up in the kennels, not knowing whether they will still be alive come New Year, and knowing this happens all around the world, including in the UK, breaks my heart. It really, really does.

I hope the video will encourage others to get involved in rescue, to offer to foster, transport, homecheck, fundraise, do a sponsored-something-or-other and most importantly to make their next dog a rescue dog. When a dog in rescue finds a new home, a space is created for another dog – maybe one of those dogs waiting on “death row”.

I look at my own rescue dogs, snuggled up in front of the fire I’ve just lit for them, or laying together on the sofa, and am wishing SO HARD that every dog – indeed every animal and person – could be so fortunate.

I WISH every dog could be in a loving home, being adored, having fun …


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I have a new companion as of Christmas. She’s only a few centimetres high, she’s swirly pink and she’s not canine (unusually!).

She came from Folksy, where I have my online card shop, bought from Quernus Crafts.

(photo copyright © Quernus Crafts)

She is very cute and has been making herself at home on my desk. Quite amazing really that a few cms of clay can have a personality but she does, I swear! 🙂

The lovely Kirsten at Quernus Crafts will be starting to make more dogs in 2010. Really looking forward to seeing those 🙂 Kirsten does lots of commissions, so get in touch with her via if you have an idea in mind. You can see more of her work and contact her through her website.

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Today has been rather cold but we have had some wonderful blue skies and sunshine – far preferable to me than grey, wet and miserable!

I thought this was a beautiful sight …

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Yesterday I took part in the Oldies Club Winter Walkies. It was a wonderfully sunny day and we had lots of fun. Lovely to see so many dogs (and people!) together, enjoying themselves 🙂

I took lots of photos, which can be seen here. Many of the dogs featured were adopted from rescues, including a number adopted from the Oldies Club dog rescue charity. I’ve posted just a few of my photographs below – you’ll have to visit the link above to see the rest 🙂

Oldies Club has recently launched a fundraising appeal for Happy and Shamrock, two dogs who were rescued from appalling conditions in Ireland and have come into Oldies Club care. The charity is currently paying for them to be kenneled and unfortunately both dogs became very ill and have had to spend time at the vets. If you would like to make a donation towards their care, please CLICK HERE for more information.

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Today, while out walking with the dogs, I took these photos. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. It was rather cool 🙂 I half expected to see a spaceship at the end of it!

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